URL targeting allows you to specify what pages of your website you want the popup to appear on.

To set a popup for display on particular page level(s), you just have to set URL rule(s)
 Log in to your account
2. Create a popup or edit one that already exists
3. Go on the “Display rules” tab
4. Look for the “Where to display” section
5. Create the following URL rule: “Show on url” + “Beginning with” and type the page level you want to target
Example 1: If you want to target your product pages and your URLS are like mydomain.com/products/98754546, type the URL “mydomain.com/products”.

Example 2: if you have URLs like mydomain.com/en for english, mydomain.com/es for spanish… just type “mydomain.com/es” if you want to target the visitors that visits your spanish website.
By the way, if you want to target more than one page level, just add additional URL rules
6. Save

Now your popup will be displayed only on the page levels you set.

It is worth noting that if you set other conditions (max of displays per visit, min pages view before display, etc.), your popup will not be displayed if these conditions are not met, even if your URL rules allow your popup to be displayed on the current page visited.

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