> If your website is on WordPress, please read our post about WordPress integration
> If you are using google Tag Manager, please read our post about Google Tag Manager integration

To allow Remindee popups to be displayed on your website you need to add a little script into the code of your pages
1. Log in to your account
2. Select the domain in the Sites menu, in your Remindee header
3. Click on “Site settings > Install Remindee”, in the left side menu
4. Copy the Remindee script (it’s just a little piece of code)
5. Paste this code into the code of your website before the closing tag

Once you have implemented your tracking code on your domain you can go back to your Remindee dashboard and create popups that will be displayed on your website.

Manual install process
1. Connect to your site using your FTP client
2. Find your site’s main HTML file (usually “index.html”) and download it
3. Open the file in your code editor
4. Create a new line in between the < body > and < /body > tags and paste the Remindee script
5. Save the file
6. Back in your FTP client, upload your edited HTML file back to your site’s file tree. Your FTP client will probably ask if you want to overwrite an existing file, choose “Yes”.

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