Remindee is 100% customizable, so it supports any language.

If your website is multilingual and the domain name stays the same but URL modifies, you can take advantage of multiple popups (1 for each language) and customize “Display rules” to make sure the correct language is showing on the parts of your site that you want it to be shown

How to set a popup for a particular language
 Click on the “Create new popup” button
2. In the “Content” tab, select your language, so the non-customizable texts will be displayed in this language
3. Edit the customizable fields in the “Content” and “Reminder settings” tabs
4. In the “Display rules” tab, specify the urls where your widget should be displayed
Example 1: If you have URLs like for english, for spanish… just set “show on url” “beginning with” for your spanish widget. You can also blacklist other URLs (“DON’T show on url”) if you want.

Example 2: If you have a subdomain for each language like for spanish, then set “show on url” “beginning with” for your spanish widget and it will be displayed only on this subdomain.

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