Will Remindee slow down my website?

No. Remindee is designed with high performance and scalability in mind. It’s completely asynchronous to prevent any load that would adversely affect your website performance and speed.

How to install Remindee via Google Tag Manager?

If you’re using Google Tag Manager, you can add the Remindee script in your website code really easily 1. Sign in to your Google Tag Manager account 2. Click on “New tag” 3. Click on “Tag configuration” and then on “Custom HTML” 4. Paste

How to install Remindee on a WordPress site?

If your website is running on WordPress, there are two possible ways to install Remindee. Using a plugin Watch this video or follow instruction below: 1. Go on your WordPress admin 2. Click on “Plugins > Add new” in the left menu 3. Type “Insert

How to install Remindee on your site?

> If your website is on WordPress, please read our post about WordPress integration > If you are using google Tag Manager, please read our post about Google Tag Manager integration To allow Remindee popups to be displayed on your website you

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