How to hide popups from users who have already scheduled a reminder?

By default, popups are set to not be displayed to visitors who have already scheduled a reminder on your website. So, if you have an active popup associated with your domain and a visitor creates a reminder, the popup won’t

Can I schedule my popups for a given date and time?

Yes you can schedule when your popup must start and/or end. In case you haven’t set a display schedule, popups are automatically deactivated when event date has passed.

Can I duplicate a popup from one of my sites to another?

Yes, you can duplicate a popup for a same domain or any other domain associated to your account.

How do I remove the Remindee brand from my popup?

Remindee branding on popup can be turned off on the “Content” section, at the bottom of the panel, when creating or editing a popup. Unbranded widgets are only available on Pro plans. Remindee branding on email can be turned off

Does every popup have its own tracking code?

Remindee tracks each popup individually, which means that you will have data for each popup. So, for a given domain you will be able to see which popup perform the best in the blink of an eye. But, you can create,

How to set a goal url?

The goal url registration allows you to know how many visitors went to your success page (signup, payment, etc.) after receiving an email reminder. You can set a goal url for each of your popups. How to set it 1. Log

How often should I display my popup to a same visitor?

It mostly depends on the kind of popup you set: – If you create a popup with an “exit intent” trigger, you should set “1” or “2” display maximum per visit. You don’t want to bother your visitor 10 times with

How many “minimum page views” should I set?

It really depends on the kind of popup and trigger you set: – If you create a popup with an “exit intent” trigger, you should set “1” page view minimum because you want to give the opportunity to every visitor leaving

How to display popups on second page view?

It’s really easy to limit the display of a popup to visitors that already saw at least 1, 2, 3… pages 1. Log in to your account 2. Create a popup or edit one that already exists 3. Go on the “Display rules”

How to use triggers?

You can set a trigger in the “Display rules” tab when you edit a popup. Remindee offers 4 kinds of triggers – Show at once – Show after scrolling 10, 20, 30, 40, 50… 100 % of the page –

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