We’re taking the EU General Data Protection Regulations very seriously.

How Remindee helps you achieve GDPR compliance:

Any visitor to your site who is presented with a Remindee popup, can only submit their personal information by intentionally taking the action of typing in their information and submitting the form. Our popups also clearly indicate that the user who submit the form is asking for a reminder and that he will only receive a reminder.

Additionally, we store each of your contact’s permission data as soon as they submit their information on your form. This includes the domain they registered for, the timestamp of the moment they opted in to your list, as well as the IP address of the device used at the time of opt-in.

Lastly, if a customer of yours reaches out to you under GDPR guidelines and requests that you delete their information, just send us a message to userdata@remindee.io and we’ll delete their record from your Remindee account and the Remindee database.

This article is not legal advice, and abuse or use of the Remindee platform other than as described herein can still lead to non-compliance with respect to GDPR. We suggest all customers seek legal advice with respect to their obligations as data controllers under the GDPR.