Your popups are not being shown on your website:

1. Make sure your Remindee script is installed on your website

2. Do you meet all your popup(s) conditions as a website visitor?
You have set “display rules”, so your popup is not displayed if you don’t meet ALL the rules. So your popup might not appear if you already created a reminder or if you have visited your own website more than the limit you have set.
-> To test your popups like a new visitor, open your navigator in Private mode and go on your website. 

3. Are the URL rules associated with your popup correct?
You might have made a spelling mistake or selected “don’t show” instead of “show” or limited the display to one specific page.

4. Are your popups in “active” status?

5. Is your trial or your paying subscription still active?

6. Is your visits quota exceeded for this month? (we send you an email when it happens)

If you checked everything and your popups are stills not showing on your website, please contact us.